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Free calls, text, picture and location messages
from & to anyone – anywhere in the world

  • Calls at the highest voice quality, text messages and picture sharing
  • Free between forfone users and at incredibly low rates to off-net contacts.
  • Free download, no contract, no commitment

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  • Free text messages, photo and location sharing directly from you device
  • Worldwide free calls between forfone users
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  • Calls to non-forfone users starting from 1.9 cent
  • Text messages to non-forfone users for 9 cent
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What is forfone and how does it work?

forfone is a free VoIP application that allows you to place free calls to anyone that has forfone installed on his/her iPhone or Android device. All you need is a WiFi or 3G / 4G LTE connection to place free calls and send free text and picture messages to any forfone user. With the VoIP app forfone you can also make national and international calls to landlines and non forfone users at very low rates starting from 1.9cent/minute.
Easy start without registration - No need to change your mobile plan, no commitment, no hidden costs.